We are MUSICA!

XR-Musica Ltd is a startup company specialising in digital innovation and eXtended Reality (XR) music technology. We research and develop artificially intelligent (AI) assisted real-time immersive XR musical solutions, and virtual immersive musical reality (ViMRI®) interventions for neurodiverse individuals.

The inception of XR-Musica Ltd has arrived through a successful process of continuous development , spanning more than 8 years of full-time undergraduate, postgraduate master’s, and doctoral research in music and neurodiversity for people with autism and dementia.

Our next chapter... 

Our next chapter seeks to grow our early-stage startup by acquiring business and research-led grant funding in technology, healthcare innovation, Government funding initiatives in areas of  Artificial Intelligence (AI), and translational funding schemes.
Successful investment will back our ground-breaking healthcare technology research and help establish responsible and trustworthy applications of our interventions, protocols and music technologies for neurodiverse individuals in telehealth, clinical and educational sectors.

We have strong partnerships... 

From our research underpinnings, XR-Musica Ltd has formed strong partnerships with regional NHS East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (Research and Innovation), the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN), special educational needs (SEN) educational partners (Laleham Gap School and Great Oaks Small School), and is receiving support through the NHS Innovation Service for our XR/VR immersive music technology project.

Future reserach, for the social good...

Together with our existing partners and collaborators, future long-term trials will enable XR MUSICA LTD to determine the benefits of our platform and facilitate many neurodiverse through our XR technologies and musical intervention

Our long-term plan...

We are conducting future feasibility studies with our South East Kent NHS Research & Innovation, and Special Educational Needs (SEN) partners to establish long-term clinical efficacy of our remotely led intervention, protocol and immersive XR music technology. XR MUSICA's long term plan is to secure funding to grow our business and roll-out our services across the NHS and SEND settings.


Prevalence rates of autism are 1/100 people. Approximately 700,000 UK adults and children have  a confirmed diagnosis.

ASD cost  

The average cost for an ASC assesment is £846.00 per child. Children with one or more coexisting conditions take longer to diagnose, and their assessment is more costly. Male I, Farr W, Bremner S, Gage H, Williams P, Gowling E, Honey E, Gain A and Parr J (2023)


The NHS receives on average 6500 new autism referrals per month This does not include other UK private healthcare providers.        

Current diagnosis

At present, an autism diagnosis is a very lengthy process and requires a face-to-face assessment via a trained practitioner or experienced GP.

Anxiety disorders 

41.9% of children with an autism-related condition are reported to have an anxiety-related disorder at any given time (Autistica, 2020).

Mental health

Autistic adults with no intellectual disability are over nine times more likely to commit suicide—compared to the general population

Virtual interaction  

The  use of virtual reality and technology are preferred by people with autism. Children engage better through musical composition and creative play.

Our assisted real-time musical device encourages virtual music composition and real-time creative musical improvisation.

XR intervention 

Our eXtended Reality (XR) musical intervention has been trialled in real-world settings to 18 high functioning autistic individuals. The intervention has shown to reduce anxiety, alleviate fears,  improve social and emotional interaction and has the potential for much more.   


Developed during an unforeseeable COVID-19 pandemic to support people with an autism spectrum condition , children within Special Educational Needs (SEN), and supporting parents and carers.


Our remote XR music technology system and unique intervention confronts an unmet need that can offer long-distance participant and clinician contact.


XR MUSICA's proof-of-concept offers virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) and remote administration and monitoring in one complete multifaceted solution

Artificial intelligence

XR MUSICA's digital technology system has artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) capability to learn individual preferences of autistic participants and utilises MIDI MPE, OSC and wireless protocols for a complete immersive musical experience.

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